10 September 2021

Kit Kat Fruity Cereal Limited Edition (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Fruity Cereal Limited Edition

This Kit Kat Fruity Cereal bar sounds like a fantastically weird Kit Kat creation but it is not from Japan, I found it in the UK via an import shop but it had started life in the USA. The packet is pink and the chocolate really is flavoured with breakfast cereal. I couldn’t wait!

I took the wrapper off and discovered the Kit Kat Fruity Cereal was very pretty, pink but flecked with all sorts of colours. Fruity cereals in the UK don’t seem to have as many food colourings or strong flavours as American versions, and out Kit Kat definitely don’t usually look like this!

I gave the bar a try and was impressed with the flavour. The bar had the usual Kit Kat texture with a chocolate coating and wafers. The impressive part was the flavour, I could pick up on the cereal and there was a nice creaminess to the coating, but there was also the odd part of sharp, overtly sweet bits of fruit flavour mixed in. It was like somebody had sprinkled kids fruity sweets in the coating. It was a much stronger fruit flavour than we would get in cereals over here, but for the Kit Kat it worked well and was fun to eat. This Kit Kat Fruity Cereal bar is one of those bars that made me smile, and it was nice to try. I can’t see such crazy flavours getting released here in the mainstream but I can still hope.

Kit Kat Fruity Cereal Limited Edition

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