13 September 2021

Maltesers Marshmallow Flavour (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Maltesers Marshmallow Flavour

These Maltesers Marshmallow Flavour chocolates are an import from Australia. I picked them up because they looked so different and products aren’t usually flavoured with marshmallow. We get tons of orange and mint, but marshmallow is a rarity. Then I started to think about it and I realised that products aren’t usually flavoured with marshmallow because the thing that makes marshmallow fun to eat is the texture not the flavour. Also isn’t the flavour just vanilla? It is at least a mild flavour at best.

I opened the bag and there was a slight change to the aroma from the marshmallow flavour, something sweeter and candy like but it was subtle. Inside the Marshmallow Maltesers also looked exactly like regular ones, the ball of malt and a chocolate coating but nothing else new.

The flavour was a regular Maltesers but with a hint more sugar and a hint more vanilla. These are tasty because all the base flavour are there with the malt and the chocolate but they are just not that different to the regular product. They are a cute idea, they sound fun but in reality just aren’t that special. Tasty yes, but not worth rushing out for.

Maltesers Marshmallow Flavour

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