18 September 2021

Jellani Baobab & Black Tea Beer (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Jellani Baobab & Black Tea Beer

This Jellani is a "superfruit infused beverage" brewed in England with an "Essence of Africa". I don't often repeat what it says on the bottle, but Baobab and black tea beer sounds quite interesting. I have no idea what it's going to taste like. I've never tried Baobab before. I like black tea, but usually hot with a little milk.

I guess it depends on how busy I am at work. I've sat right next to a full hot cup of tea before now and been so busy it's gone cold whilst I've been working. I guess a lot of people are like that. I've been pretty busy at work this week in my new job. I've been pretty happy actually. I'm slowly learning the ropes and filling out bulk orders to make sure vaccine sites get their required vaccines for second jabs and boosters for older folk.

This Jellani is very low in alcohol at 0.5% in volume. It's also low in calories at 20 calories per 100ml, so 66 calories for the 330ml bottle. So I get more pudding tonight! This very pale gold almost transparent beer has a lightly fruity malted barley aroma with a little herbal hops. It's bizarre as it doesn't taste of much. Jellani is a weak beer connoisseur's beverage.

The excitable head disappeared as quick as the taste arrives and goes again. I can see why it's so low in alcohol by volume and so low in calories. It's difficult to pinpoint a flavour. There is a little fruitiness, a little bitterness of hops and a little sweet malted barley, but all of that seems mainly in the aftertaste. And there's not much aftertaste either. I once knew a person I worked with that would only have the teabag dipped for a couple of seconds in freshly boiled water and then had lots of milk! Jellani is like that too… It's as if someone wafted the ingredients quite far away from a big barrel of water. This one is not for me, I'm afraid.

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