15 September 2021

Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer (Shugborough Hall) By @SpectreUK

Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer

I had a few days free before I started my new job this week. We had a couple of days out here and there. One of the places we went to was Shugborough Hall. Late afternoon we stopped wandering around the house and grounds for a short time for a quite drink and a piece of gooey flapjack. I tried this Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer to wash my flapjack down with.

This Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer had quite a ginger buzz on opening the bottle. It also had quite a bit of ginger sediment in the bottle. My initial reaction on trying it was; "Yep that is hot. Woooo. That is very hot. That is nose tingly hot. It burns in the back of my throat." Peruvian root ginger with Sicillian lemon has an oddly pleasant bitter and sweet citrus and yet fiery ginger spicy hot flavour.

There is a taste of lemon at the back of the flavour just trying to poke through the firewall of ginger spice. So to start with its hot ginger, then it turns into a little lemon with hot ginger, and the lemon is bitter with a touch of sweetness into the aftertaste. This Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer is a spicy hot bitter drink. There was even ginger sediment at the bottom of the glass. Having said that, I rather enjoyed drinking it and it also perfectly complemented my flapjack.

My new job as a project manager started today. After some unfortunate wrangling with an unhappy laptop, I am now able to work at home for the duration. It's just a three month contract, but I'll be working on the vaccinations. I worked on the vaccinations late last year and early this year helping to set up seven vaccination centres, including a hospital and two max vaccination centres converting them from leisure centres. I'm not sure what I'll be doing here, but I'm hoping it will be helping the people of the local community to protect themselves, their loved ones, and also get back to some sort of normality. It's a little like fighting a war against contagion on an ever changing battlefield. It was last time anyway, and I'm happy to stand with those who have been working so hard to continue the fight.

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