2 September 2021

Korean Inspired Gochujang Pork Limited Edition Wrap - on a Tesco Meal Deal (@NLi10)

I like picking up odd things for lunch - and often let the Yellow Stickers of Destiny guide me.  Today in my Special (discount) Diet we take a Tesco wrap, and add a drink - and Olives which I didn't know were in the meal deals but make me so much more likely to do the thing.

dr pepper, discount wrap and olives

I chose the  Korean Inspired Gochujang Pork Limited Edition Wrap as it sounded quite exciting - and then I opened it...

it's just a pulled pork wrap  - gah!

...They've tricked me into buying pulled pork - GAH!

Pre-chewed food like pulled pork really isn't my thing, but they've tried pretty hard with all the extras here.  

First we have a little spicy mayo, then a few shredded veggies and pickles - but most importantly they haven't spread it all evenly so you get lovely little pockets of fairly exotic flavours, on a lunch break in Birmingham! 

For £3 for the drink, olives and a wrap I can't really complain.  The healthiness of the deal is of course, down to your individual choices.

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