20 September 2021

After Eight Mojito & Mint Edition (Tesco) By @cinabar

After Eight Mojito & Mint Edition

This years latest After Eight edition sounds like a fun twist on the original, here we have After Eight Mojito and Mint variety. This is quite an adventurous choice for a flavour but one that does sound like it should go well with peppermint. The box is a fab lime green colour and looked bright and fun. Inside there was a cute message about it being time for happy hour which was quite sweet.

In appearance the chocolates and the sleeves they are in look identical to regular After Eights, the filling is white, the chocolate dark and the envelopes had the usual logo on them. The flavour is very fresh and works a treat, it was different but rather like a mojito. There is still plenty of peppermint but there is also a taste of herby fresh garden mint and a bit of acidic lime that makes these seem very grown and clever. They are a complex flavour but they are well balanced and work well with the dark chocolate. If they keep just one of the many flavours we’ve tried as a permanent side line I’d pick these After Eight Mojito & Mint Edition (so far).

After Eight Mojito & Mint Edition

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