14 September 2021

Cadbury Bournville Brunch Bar (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Bournville Brunch Bar

I think my love of cereal bars came from daily commuting and the fact they were quick and easy to add to my lunch box for a sweet treat with a coffee at work. Although I mostly work from home these days I still buy cereal bars and Cadbury Brunch ones are a favourite. I like chocolate, I’m not trying to claim they are healthy, I go for the chocolate content as an influencing factor! I was quite excited to see a Bournville edition of my favourite bars in Iceland and bought a box to try. Bournville is Cadbury’s dark chocolate and although the cocoa percentage isn’t as high as some posh dark chocolate bars, for my sweet tooth it offers a boost of extra cocoa without loosing the much loved sweetness.

The bar looks similar to the regular Brunch Bar but the chocolate chips are dark as is the coating. I enjoyed the taste and texture of the bar, chewy but not sticky and with enough cereals to keep it interesting to eat. There is a dash of honey and the flavour with the dark chocolate was lovely. It was a little bit richer and the Bournville chocolate worked well. I hope these aren’t a Limited Edition because these will be a regular purchase for me in the future.

Cadbury Bournville Brunch Bar

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zeddy said...

I saw those and thought, "Aww! No raisins like the milk chocolate variety." :-(