25 September 2021

Bitburger Beer (Germany) By @SpectreUK

Bitburger Beer (Germany)

Bitburger Is Germany's No. 1 draft beer. Well, that's what it says on the can anyway. At 4.8% in volume this Bitburger is in a 330ml can, rather than draft, so hopefully it will be just the same No. 1 quality. Although having said that, I couldn't compare even though I'd like to. I haven't been to Germany since I was a young lad, and haven't any plans to do so in the near future. We have a friend who has just taken his whole family over there to escape the deprivations from Brexit. Cinabar is part German, so you never know…

Anyway, on opening the can this Bitburger certainly had a cheerful fizz. Cheerful as the sunny afternoon outside. This lager beer shined golden like the sun as I poured it into my waiting beer glass. Bitburger Brewery was founded in 1817 in Bitburg, in Rhineland-Palatinate. A premium pils, Bitburger has a malt pilsner aroma with a touch of floral hops. There is a tart spicy bitterness from the floral hops to start with in the taste, followed closely by an almost sweet malt biscuit flavour from the pils which runs into the aftertaste.

This is a really flavoursome beer and I can certainly see why it is so popular. If I was in Germany I can see that I would drink this Bitburger on a regular basis. I reckon it would very well with most German dishes. Anything from their huge sausages (!) to their Schnitzels.

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