11 September 2021

Fruit Lupe Beer (Brass Castle Brewery) By @SpectreUK

Fruit Lupe Beer (Brass Castle Brewery)

This Fruit Lupe beer is another offering from my box of beers produced by Brass Castle Brewery. Fruit Lupe is a Sabro and coconut pale ale, and has an ABV at 4.8% in volume. Apparently Sabro is an aroma hop with a complex fruity and citrus flavour. It certainly sounds complex as it's known for its "tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream." Wow that does sound complex, and yet by it's very complexity it does worry me a little…

I could smell the hops and tropical fruits, but also spiciness on opening the can. Fruit Lupe is a straw gold colour. There was an unusual aroma from the Sabro hops, which has fruitiness, and also spiciness. There was a woody aroma that gave this beer a little bit of a Christmas feel, a bit like Christmas pudding. There was also orange fruitiness and tropical fruits, but I was just not sure on the coconut previously described in the aroma.

Fruit Lupe Is a bizarre tasting beer in a way, I tasted the sheer bitterness from the hops first, then fruitiness with an almost peppery spice to follow, and then the citrus tropical fruits behind that. There was a slight creaminess from the coconut after the hops, which mixed with the pale malts giving this beer a little sweetness, and there was also a weird nuttiness in the aftertaste. This beer felt like something you may find in a Rock bar, but I was just not sure that I liked it, and I don't reckon I'd have another…

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