26 September 2021

Pasties for Pudding? (and Dinner too) Padstow UK (@NLi10)

While looking at the Pasty options in the many (many) pasty shops of Padstow I spotted that there were a few sweet options.  Now obviously this feels like they should be made with puff pastry, but in the very olden days a pasty was 1/3 sweet and 2/3rds savoury with a good wall between the two so that you could savour both parts.  Now we can just eat all the pasties!

Here is my dinner pasty - it was very good.

The gulls were very keen to share but as I'd seen from other people on the benches - if you gave them a little then you'd attract 10 or so hungry beaks.  We are not Feeding Steven here!

Look at those healthy pinkers!

I also had a scone for pudding - even though it was take away!  This turned out to be a good plan as I didn't manage to have an0other cream tea while we were in Cornwall due to crowds and our plans.

But the new thing to try was the pudding pasty - so at about 3pm I went back and picked up the final apple and rhubarb pasty in the shop (although they keep baking all day).

And while the outside looks like a regular pasty with sugar on the inside is pretty much all apple!  I'd expected a bit more rhubarb, and maybe some kind of custard like crème - but it was essentially just a short-crust pastry apple turnover!

Only disappointing due to the lack of novelty value - it was really enjoyable.  If I'd have thought about it more we could have picked some up to enjoy another day - but they are best fresh from little Cornish shops in the harbour afterall.