7 September 2021

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition (@CadburyUK) By @Cinabar

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition

The Cadbury twitter account said that followers could sign up for a share of gold (not an actual share and not actual gold) and in fact I’ll be honest I wasn’t completely sure what I was signing up for. I thought I would be getting one bar of the new Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition, what arrived though was so much better, a rather fabulous box with 6 bars and a pin badge arrived. Yay!!!

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition

Now I am nuts about hazelnut and chocolate so I couldn’t wait to try out this new bar. Wispa Gold is also probably my favourite regular chocolate bar so yes I’ll admit I was a bit excited. I broke one in half and the golden caramel oozed out, it looked yum!

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition

I gave the Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition bar a try and it was divine. The chocolate was the wonderful bubbly self, but the hazelnut was a good rich flavour, lots of hazelnut and there was still the golden caramel taste too. I loved the mix of textures from the Wispa chocolate and the caramel, and every bite delivered chocolate nutty goodness. Think eating a Wispa full of Nutella, absolutely divine. Please Cadbury can you keep this around, it is too good to be a limited edition. Also we need more flavours, what next, Wispa Mint perhaps? Come on Cadbury, I’d buy a share.

Wispa Gold Hazelnut Limited Edition

PS I can't see hazelnuts in the ingredients?


rp19 said...

Think this will be one of those cases where the use of flavour/flavoured means the item need not contain the ingredient in question,like when a yoghurt for example is called Strawberry it must contain some actual strawberry whereas if it's called Strawberry flavour/flavoured it doesn't need to contain any strawberry whatever.
In this instance it might be helpful for those with nut allergies who couldn't eat this if it had hazelnuts in it,although does have the standard may contain nuts warning,how hard can it be?,either there's nuts in it or there's not.

zeddy said...

The production line used to make these bars may also be used to make other products with nuts in them at different times.