17 January 2012

Aero Orange Bubbles (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Aero Mint Bubbles are my first choice of chocolate snack if we go to the theatre as they are such an easy chocolate to eat (as an added bonus they have no wrappers to rustle and annoy other theatre goes). Aero Bubbles are obviously popular as Nestle have expanded the range and released these new orange flavour ones to sit alongside the mint version. It is an obvious brand continuation as they re-released the Aero Orange bar just last year and people were very pleased to see that back on our shelves.
These new milk chocolate coated bubbles may look like Maltesers from the outside but the citrus aroma and light weight give some clues to the contents. I was impressed to see that the bubbles inside each of these new chocolates is a lovely orange colour, and matches the more famous Aero bar.
The thing I love about Aero Bubbles is the texture. The light ball of bubbly chocolate just melts away in seconds in the mouth when you bite in, leaving the most amazing chocolate orange flavour behind.
The chocolate is sweet and milky, and the orange flavour is fruity and zesty. Spectre enjoyed the Orange Bubbles but wanted a stronger zingier orange flavour, like you might find in a Quality Street Orange Cream, but the recipe is the same as the Orange Aero bar which is a softer warmer orange flavour.
Each Bubble may only be light but it is just enough chocolate to fill the taste buds, and after the sweet chocolaty orange flavour gentle dissolves and subsides you find yourself reaching for another Bubble... and another... until the bag sits empty in front of you... and you find yourself blaming somewhere else for the disappearance of the chocolate. This is perfect snacking chocolate, easy eating and very moreish. They are ideal for sharing, but you might just find yourself fighting over the bag!
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Surprisingly ive never tried orange Aero before! So these bubbles would probably be good to try a little bit at a time in the event of not liking them!

Anonymous said...

It really is uncanny how much these little chocolate confectioneries resemble the famous Maltesers treats! I won't doubt that they taste great (haven't tried it before), but its mere resemblance to the malt-candy ball's tad misleading; No fault of their own, of course. I LOVE Maltesers, so catching a glimpse of these peaked my interest. But after reading of its texture, as described in your review, I can't say I'm as excited anymore. I DO like the Aero candy bar, and I don't frown upon an aerated centered treat, but the crunchy, malt filling center is just tops in my book.

Another good review!