22 June 2012

Tic Tac –Strawberry Fields (Newsagents, Birmingham Snow Hill) [By @Cinabar]

As the official flavour of summer, it seems reasonable that the new variety of Tic Tacs for the season would be strawberry related. The actually flavour is Strawberry Fields, and inside the pack are two different coloured pink sweets both with a different depth of strawberry flavour, one sweet and one sour.
The pale pink drop is the sweeter of the two tastes, and tastes of sweet strawberries, it’s a very fragrant taste, and has a strong berry base. It’s almost like there are other fruits mixed in as the flavour seems quite a full taste, almost like there is a hint of raspberry too.
The darker Tic Tac has a stronger sharper taste. It is strawberry and starts quite sweet, and develops into a slightly sour flavour, a bit like strawberry with a shot of lemon mixed in to zing it up. It’s a good taste, and I felt it was a bit more refreshing that the lighter coloured one.
The key thing is that both sweets are really nice, and work even better together. The mix of flavours is really pleasant, combining the sweet with the sour.
Although strawberry may seem like an obvious choice of variety the two tones of flavour give these sweets a nice twist. These do make a nice addition to the Tic Tac range, sweet and fruity but still managing to have the nice refreshing touch which is synonymous with Tic Tacs. Definitely something I’ll be keeping to hand for a quick sweet treat over the coming months.
By Cinabar

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