7 June 2012

Milka Popcorn (Germany) [By @Cinabar]

I have to say a bit thank you to my dad for bringing this bar of Milka back from Germany for me. He knows it’s my favourite chocolate, and so kept an eye out see what was new when he was last visiting. Germany always has a better selection of Milka then we get here in the UK, but its availability in the country is improving.
To say this bar is a Milka bar containing popcorn is an understatement. It would be fairer to say it is a mountain of popcorn jam packed together and held there using loads of Milka chocolate! It truly is packed with popcorn! The texture is amazing, soft, but crunchy and filled with flavour. Some chunks the nutty popcorn taste dominates, but with others it is the sweet Milka chocolate that takes centre stage. The diverse texture makes it so moreish, and despite the size of the bar, it really didn’t last very long! Popcorn and Milka chocolate are two of my favourite things, so I think I may have found a dream bar here. :-)
So the bar is somewhere between being chocolate coated popcorn and being a bar of chocolate – and the middle ground is pretty much heaven. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this will get a UK release, or at least become available in the import shops!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Milka ALWAYS reminds me of being on holiday! Great post.

Paulham said...

Try Tesco, Cinabar.
I saw it last week in a Glasgow store.

Su said...

I saw this in B&M the other day. I don't know if there is one near you. I thought it looked great but I don't like the 'hazelnuttiness' of Milka chocolate. Love your blog btw!

Jules said...

i've seen lots of bars of this in B and M around here. (North west UK)

cinabar said...

OhSoBella - it is my fave chocolate, good balance of sweet and creamy and touch of nut too...mmmm

Paulham - Tesco? Wow - fingers crossed my local branch has some!!

Shloobi - I do live near a B&M so will check it out on Saturday. The 'hazelnuttiness' is the best part ;-) Glad you like the blog too

Jules - you should have bought them all :-) So going to find myself another bar!!