5 June 2012

Heston’s Vanilla Back Bacon Rashers (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Bacon is one of those foods that just works. Its simple form tastes wonderful on its own, in a sandwich, served with sausages and so many other excellent formats and nothing can beat the smell of it cooking.
When I saw that Heston had added his touch to the new range of bacon at Waitrose, I couldn’t resist picking up a packet. This new bacon has a hint of vanilla to help enhance the flavour. I decided to try it out in the format of a bacon sarnie, and see what it was like. I opened the pack and noticed the slices were quite thin. Once I started frying the bacon I discovered that the aroma was different but impressive. The vanilla shone through, and the cooking aromas had a sweet, salty and almost spicy fragrance. It was very appetising, more so than even regular bacon!
The flavour was different to what I was.expecting, The strong cooking smells had led me to believe that the bacon would have a sweet tone to it, but it didn’t. The vanilla taste was remarkably subtle, enhancing the meaty smoky flavours with just a touch of earthy seasoning. The vanilla is delicate, but it does enrich the taste. I suspect the addition of any ketchup to my sandwich would have lost the subtle hint of vanilla, which would be a huge shame. This is a food that just needs to be eaten as is and savoured. Don’t try to embellish the bacon with any extras, and don’t forget to enjoy the cooking aromas!
Heston also has Syrup & Stout Bacon out, so I’ll be on the look out to try some of that too!
By Cinabar

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