24 June 2012

Nestle Curiously Strawberry (Tesco) [By @NLi10]

Based on the Nestle Curiously Cinnamon which is a nice crispy, but unusual, taste sensation this takes the same formula and just adds strawberry. It's certainly designed to be light hearted and childish, but doesn't have any activities to do on the box. It does have lots of vague health info to make sure that the parents are convinced that they are not giving their kids bowls of sugar every morning, and fuelling a hyperactive day at school.

As a cereal experience they hit the spot. They are crunchy and have a great flavour which is just the right side of sweet and fruity and doesn't get too overwhelming by the bottom of the bowl. I see them more of a treat cereal than an everyday breakfast and probably would only add a box to the stack in the trolley occasionally.

For people who like a light breakfast and want something a little more exciting than their normal fare then this is a good option.
By NLi10

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