19 June 2012

Aunt Bessie’s Toffee apple Ice Cream Crumble (Nisa) [By @Cinabar]

The Aunt Bessie’s brand is usually associated with quick and easy to cook readymade savoury goodies. I love their Yorkshire puddings, dumplings and their crinkle cut chips, but I wasn’t aware that they had tapped into the dessert market until I saw this.
I couldn’t resist picking up these ice creams, and although ice cream is clearly a summery product, the flavour is a bit more autumnal. The idea of toffee apple immediately brings thoughts of bonfire night and Halloween, but still sounds rather tasty. Inside the pot is an individual serving of vanilla ice cream, layered with toffee apple sauce and a biscuit crumble. The ice cream itself if super creamy, and really tasty. The sauce is mainly rich toffee, and has loads of brown sugar flavour and depth, it has a nice aftertaste of apple which adds a fruity hit. The biscuit crumble was a bit more disappointing, as it just wasn’t that crumbly, if anything mine was a little soft. In fact the biscuit on mine looked pale and nothing like the one shown on the pack. The flavour was good, it had nice biscuity tones, but didn’t have much of a crunch.
Having said that I enjoyed the dessert and found that the toffee apple flavours took surprisingly well to the ice cream format. I just wished the crumble had been a bit more impressive – you’d think that would be what Aunt Bessie would do best!
By Cinabar

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