15 June 2012

Wild Trail – Popcorn Bar [Fruit and Double Nut / Double Cut Cranberry] [By @Cinabar]

I do like popcorn. It is such a tasty and healthy snack (unless you buy the toffee coated kind)! It is a much underused product, so when I heard that Wild Trail was making popcorn cereal bars, I was really keen to give them a try.
I have to say that I was a little disappointed to find that the Fruit and Double Nut bar contained just 6% popcorn, so I couldn’t help thinking that Wild Trail were very much playing it safe. The bar itself was lovely and sweet, and had a fabulous complex mix of textures. The nuts and fruit shone through, but the popcorn flavour was a little bit lost. The yogurt had a slight bitter edge but it was sweetened with honey which balanced it nicely. The cranberry version had lots of sweet berry tastes, and was also thoroughly enjoyable, but was still lacking the popcorn edge.
So as far as cereal bars go, the flavours were really good. I loved all the seeds and goodies contained within them, and the taste was impressive. As far as representing a popcorn flavour, it was a little lost within the heaps of other ingredients packed into the bar. Personally I’d favour a higher percentage of popcorn in the bars, to allow the flavour of it to fully shine through as this is what these bars are supposed to be about. The bars do taste good as they are, there is just so much in there it is hard to decipher the popcorn.
By Cinabar

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