1 June 2012

Cadbury Popcorn (WH Smiths) [@CadburyUK] [By @Cinabar]

Not so long ago my dad went to Germany and bought back a fantastic bar of chocolate called Milka popcorn, and I will be blogging about it shortly. I did google Milka Popcorn, and although my dad bought me back a bar, the images that came back were all of Milka coated popcorn in a bag. I thought the bag of Milka popcorn looked excellent too and wondered if it would be available over here at any point. Shortly after that this Cadbury version appeared on the shelves, they must have read my mind!
I found this bag sitting in a confusing section of WH Smith marked as “Any two bags for £4”. Although there were M&Ms packs etc seemingly in the offer, I was told by the assistant that I could have any two Nestle products or any two Cadbury ones in the offer, but couldn’t cross the brands, despite the sign saying “any”. :-S
That aside I decided to just buy the popcorn, and tucked in once I got home. Inside the bag I was impressed buy how big the chunks of popcorn were, each with a healthy helping of Cadbury milk chocolate making them quite chunky looking. The popcorn within them is also toffee coated making them lovely and extra sweet. The popcorn is rather light and has a gentle crispy crunch. The chocolate is milky and sweet and the whole combination works wonderfully. I loved the mix of textures, and the sweet tastes, they are seriously moreish though. This is the ultimate film watching snack, but I warn you, you won’t want to share!
By Cinabar


Ben G. said...

OH MY GOD - these are so delicious, it's the food version of crack cocaine. So addictive.

cinabar said...

I so love popcorn too... ;-) The popcorn part is actually pretty healthy too, no comment about the chocolate!