17 June 2012

OKF Aloe Vera King & V Fresh Lychee Drink (Yum Yum Oriental Foods - Worcester) [By @NLi10]

While browsing for reviews in Worcester Y'day I realised that I'd bought three drinks there a good while ago and never got around to trying them. This is because not only did they look odd the lady who owned the store said that non Thai people didn't tend to like them so she made sure whenever people did that they understood what they were trying. This at the time seemed exciting, but not exciting enough to dig them out of the cupboard - until now.

This week to ease myself in I'm going for a new drink I picked up which has bits of Aloe vera floating in it (not too shocking - I like these drinks) and a Lychee drink from the same range as the oddities.

Front left we see the Aloe Vera King, which is a Korean brand succulent drink. Those little white bits floating in the drink are shredded Aloe Vera (which is a cactus like plant, and pictured on the bottle). These are smooth tasting refreshing drinks, that function a little like orange juice in that we psychologically think that they are more natural and better for us than they usually are. The ingredients show that it's mostly powdered and reconstituted plant, and contains honey and grapes to add the sweetness. I'm not sure how it compares to the other brands I've tried as it's one of those almost forgettable sensations, but it really is refreshing and easy to drink so something that I routinely purchase.

Next up we have the Lychee drink from the range of doom. This is incredibly white for Lychee juice - and yet the ingredients are essentially just lychee juice and water. It's a little thicker than I'm used to, but not that sweet. The flavour is strong and authentic though, and the little red/white fruit taste is certainly nice. This is made in Thailand and certainly has a similar flavour range to a lot of the local food, it has more of a fragrance than a full on fruit juice does, but the taste lingers.

While I do like the Rubicon Lychee I think that is more of an everyday drink and this is a little more deluxe. I'm not sure I've seen the V Fresh range outside of Yum Yum's shelves, but I think it’s very likely to show up in other import stores. Eventually I'll be brave enough to try the Longan variety that is just about in picture, and the disturbing looking Green Tea with Basil seed that I was cautioned about.

By Nli10


my name is jon said...

wow you reviewed it... after branching out into DrWitt (i barely drank anything other than good tea and water,) i am certainly more up to trying some of those. Especially the aloe vera one

NLi10 said...

Have I ever actually reviewed all the Dr Witt? I'm missing out! Ha!

You'd love the smoothness of the AV drinks. Lychee is an acquired taste.