23 June 2012

Football Fever Swizzels Mix [By @SpectreUK]

This Football Fever Swizzels Mix was produced by Swizzels Matlow. There was two of each sweet type in the mixed bag. Fun Gums were flat penny sized sugared fruit flavoured jelly foam gums. The gums were red one side and white foam the other, with a very tasty and moreish Strawberry flavour. Drumstick Lollies had a vertical split down their centre with one side white and the other pink, and had a succulent raspberry ripple ice cream flavour to them. Double Lollies were a mixture of cherry and orange flavour tasting exactly like the famed Swizzels Matlow’s Double Dip, and I just couldn’t help scoffing these at double speed (sorry!). The new Candy Floss flavoured whistle had a sharp cherry flavour; Cinabar blew the whistle on the train on the way back from a trip to London and gained some funny looks from the other passengers! The last, but not least of the Swizzels Mix was the Fruity Pop boiled sweet lolly. Mine was pineapple flavoured and tasted great, lasting for ages. Cinabar had the blackcurrant Fruity Pop lolly, which she stated had a wonderful blackcurrant zing to it.

I really enjoyed sharing these sweets with Cinabar on the train back from our trip to London. They made us feel young, which is extremely important when eating sweets as an adult. These sweets should be enjoyed by anyone at any age, whether supporting your team in the Euro 2012, or just sharing amongst friends. Also available in the Football Fever range are bags of Swizzels Lollies and bags of Drumsticks.
By Spectre

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