9 June 2012

Gummi Army Guys (CyberCandy) [By @SpectreUK]

These Gummi Army Guys were by Albanese, in the USA. It stated “World’s Best” on packet, but my I first thought was that they’d have to go a long way to beat Rowntree’s gummies. There were four fruit flavoured (apple) green soldier shapes (characters), which were; Bazooka Bob, Fighting Forster, GI Johnny, and Rifleman Rich. Allergy advice on the back of the 128g packet stated that these gummies were created in an environment that contained peanuts, tree nuts, soya, wheat and dairy products. In a 40g serving there were 120 calories, 19g of sugar and 0g of fat. I liked the label on the packet that gave nutritional values of vitamin A – 0%, vitamin C – 0%, Iron – 0%, and Calcium – 0%, just in case you may have been mistaken that these gummies should be eaten as part of a healthy diet. These gummies had lots of things in the ingredients that didn’t sound great for you, but on the upside they were gluten free!

On opening the packet I marvelled at the fun shapes of the lean green fighting machine that were the Gummi Army Guys. On taste these gummies immediately tripped over and fell into a shell hole. There was a strong taste of vegetable oil mixed with the anti sticking Carnuba Wax. I had to chew each gummy for ages to get to the apple flavour. On the upside, I loved playing with these Gummi Army Guys. Unfortunately with the absence of any enemies (some different flavoured gummy Nazis?), it turned into a bit of a civil war and a last gummy man standing. As soon as one Gummi Army Guy shot another I popped the “dead” Gummi Army Guy in my mouth. Cinabar loved the flavour of these sweets, but I just couldn’t get past the initial oily waxy taste. Still, I thought these were an excellent idea, I enjoyed playing with them, and so I’m sure most other people (and kids) would also. Albanese just need to hold off a bit on the oil and wax and get some bad guys – Ooh, they need some army vehicles too, such as tanks, jeeps and planes!
By Spectre
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