12 June 2012

Heston’s Syrup & Stout Streaky Bacon (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Recently I wrote about Heston’s Vanilla Back Bacon, a product which seems to have had quite a mention in several magazines too. Waitrose also released this Heston’s Syrup & Stout Streaky Bacon, which despite winning an award seems to have launched much more quietly.
As I don’t need much of an excuse for a naughty but nice fried bacon butty, I bought up a pack! The smell of bacon cooking is always fantastic, but I could pick up on an extra depth of sweetness from this bacon while it was in the pan. It was a gorgeous aroma, and was probably the only time I understood the idea of adding syrup to bacon, American style. Having said that this bacon is dressed with golden syrup not maple syrup, so there is a bit more British in there than you may have first thought. The slices were thin, and this meant that they cooked quickly and developed a lot of flavour, going slightly crispy in places.
I placed them in a white bread bun, which didn’t have my usual dollop of ketchup on as I wanted to taste the flavour of the bacon in its purest format. The flavour was impressive, the bacon had loads of meaty tastes from the fat, especially as it was streaky. The sweet syrup flavours were a nice addition, not overpowering but very much present. The final taste was the stout, adding a rich malty hint to the overall taste that worked like a dreamy with the salty bacon. It’s a complex mix of tastes, and very satisfying as it works so well.
When I bought this pack I wasn’t sure I was going to blog about it, but once I tasted the clever combination of flavours I knew it needed sharing. This is my new favourite bacon, I just loved the sweet and salty tastes. Perfect for a naughty treat!
By Cinabar

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