26 June 2012

Smoky Bacon Pom-Bear [Crisps] [By @cinabar]

Recently I have been discovering Pom-Bear crisps, even though I am a little bit late to the party! They have been releasing a fab selection of new varieties which has really caught my attention. If I am choosing crisps flavours for myself I do have a preference for the meaty ones, I love roast chicken crisps and smoky bacon flavour is up there in my top choices too.
Pom-Bear make the cutest of crisps. Each one is in the shape of a teddy bear, and they look so sweet. They have a light crunchy texture, and they dissolve rather easily after a couple of munches.
The flavour of these was impressive. It was quite strong, and had the perfect mix of meatiness and salt, which recreated the bacon flavour rather nicely. The aftertaste was a hint of smokiness than just added nicely to the overall combination.
I think the other thing that adds to my love of these Pom-Bear crisps is the calorie content. At 98 calories per pack, they are super low for crisps, yet have a good full flavour. There also seems to be loads of the little bears in the bag, so you feel like you are getting a decent serving size too.
I have a couple of the multi-packs of these bacon flavour ones, and am very much looking forward to munching my way through them. These are definitely my favourite of the Pom-Bear crisps I have tried, and they are well worth hunting out.
By Cinabar

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