10 June 2012

Alibi Pretox - Sparkling Pomegranate (Birmingham New Street) [By @NLi10]

On my way out for the day via the work in progress that is Birmingham's New Street station I spotted these small cans of vitamin drink with the tag 'pretox' and as I'd been feeling under the weather I decided a little boost wouldn't hurt. Upon inspection they have no stimulants and are all about the health benefits which meshes in with some of the other modern drinks I've tried recently. Naturally I chose to start with pomegranate.

Flavour-wise it wasn't all that special, fizzy with a mix of pomegranate and that vitamin taste that a lot of things from the health food store have. It was certainly drinkable and I did start to feel a little less dehydrated afterwards. It was refreshing to not have the caffeine spike or any other 'wake up' chemicals involved, but I do have to question exactly what a pretox is.

The four categories that they list are mental performance, immune system, hydration and regular liver function - suggesting they are hedging their bets between the hectic lifestyle people and the out for a night of heavy drinking crowd. While I'm not the right person to test the effects of having this before a drinking session I feel my day was busy enough that I pushed it to its limits and seemed to come out OK.

I think I'd try this again, probably explore the range, but it wasn't exciting enough of an experience to rush back to the blog with more. It tastes of light pomegranate & vitamins, and it'll keep you hydrated while boosting those missing vitamins and minerals.
By NLi10

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