21 June 2012

James White, Apple & Elderflower Juice (New Street Station)

James White, Apple & Elderflower Juice (New Street Station)

A lot of my reviews recently seem to be things I've picked up while out and about.  I don't snack that much at home and as people have noticed a good novelty drink is much more my style than a handful of chocolate bars. This is less novelty and more farm shop - I spotted this 'small local produce' entry in the newsagents at New Street Station and thought it looked like something out of the Tesco Wine aisle.  The bottle itself too is like one of those single glass of wine things that you see nowadays.  As I was a bit thirsty and looking for something to start the day nicely I eschewed the typical energy drinks and went for the juice instead.  Spectre has also tried something by James White with slight regrets afterwards, but this seemed a safer option than Beet It.

As you can see it didn't last long.  Maybe it was the nice balance of the apples with the hint of the base-notes from what could only be the elderflowers?  Maybe it was because it looked like I was swanning around the station at 9 in the morning swigging from a mini wine bottle (they have an M&S on the platform that sells these things) that encouraged me to finish it off.  It wasn't a massive portion, but it was enjoyable and refreshing and worth a hunt for.  I forget the name of the chain of mini newsagents that is at the station now (it's the one that sells fruit and things so looks like a postage stamp sized supermarket) but I've seen them nationally - maybe each have different UK home grown products.

Eitherway this James White juice would not be out of place at a farmers market or on the shelves of Waitrose and is a welcome find from the Station platforms.

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