28 June 2012

Llamas BBQ/Sweet Chilli/Cheese Whole Wheat Bites (Tesco) [By @NLi10]

Silly sells.

These are essentially the baked tuck-shop crisps that I used to eat in reception class (when they were called Fish n Chips) but remade for the healthier age. They are whole wheat and baked which adds to the flavour and reduces all the bad things, and they come in big cinema size sharing bags. We took them to see the NFT version of Frankenstein (a play as a film) and the Giant Screen version of Metropolis at Millennium point Birmingham.

The three flavours are all similar in that the base is identical and all varieties are vegetarian which means that no-one feels left out. The biscuits themselves are indeed llama shaped, but during transit some of these become a bit snapped so you do end up with a load of llama heads at the bottom of the pack.

The Sweet Chilli was probably my favourite and these are very mild really, but just exciting enough to be able to keep eating. The BBQ ones are probably the most ordinary of the flavours, but putting them on the baked biscuit still makes it a very compulsive option. I'm not that keen on cheese flavours, but these are more similar to a Wotsit or McVitties Cheddars edible but not my favourite (although the cheese lovers really liked them).

I'd certainly buy these again (at the moment they are £1 a bag which is very reasonable) but the dusty nature of the coating means they would be excluded from most games nights and reserved for things like the cinema or a nice picnic. I'd probably eat these if they were not shaped like Llamas, but I probably wouldn't have noticed them to start with then. Silly only really sells the first time, but quality keeps you coming back for more.
By NLi10


Steve Dell said...

Tesco stopped doing them years ago and life hasn't been the same since. Loved them!

Crameron said...

I feel your pain Steve... Bring back the LLamas!