31 May 2012

Yan Yan Creamy Strawberry (Meiji) [By @NLi10]

Way back in Feb, Spectre reviewed the vanilla variety of this and liked it. I've had both now and thought I'd write about the strawberry one.

Similar to the vanilla (or the UK's own KP dip) you get sticks & goo. The goo in this case tastes like a melted Meiji Lucky Stick, which is nice. All my sticks had an animal theme.

Here is the complete set ( I had 4 swaps that were not shown)

Some are just descriptive, others seem a little misinformed. Beetles seem to get the best deal, with two sticks and both the popular love & luck themes represented. I'm not sure whether these are fortunes or just information, but they are fun either way.

The flavour of the sticks wasn't' amazing, but with the goo it was a highly edible pot of goodness. Probably more interesting to look at than eat, but a perfect little snack.
By NLi10

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