21 May 2012

Fairfields Farm Crisps: Butter & Mint [By @cinabar]

We may not be the most adventurous country when it comes to new chocolate bars (another caramel choccy bar anyone?) but when it comes to crisps we are totally blessed. This year alone there has been the release of some amazing flavours from Pesto through to Asparagus!
After the disappointment that was Seabrook’s Jacket Potato and Butter crisps, I was really keen to try Fairfields effort at a similar flavour. I used to have M&S Butter flavour crisps all the time, they were one of the nicest varieties ever, but I must have been in a minority for thinking that as they were discontinued some years back.
These Fairields crisps have both butter and mint in the ingredients which is a fresh new flavour, and hopefully recreates the taste of new potatoes. I opened the pack and was impressed by the fresh natural smell of garden mint filling my senses. The crisps were fairly thickly cut, making them substantial but not sharp. The flavour worked perfectly. It was fresh, fragrant and different. The taste of garden mint was spot on, but then Fairfields use mint sourced from a local farm to ensure it has that natural taste. After the mint the flavour mellows and there is a lovely rich touch of creamy butter that hangs on the tastes buds. The herbs help to even out the rich butter giving them an edge and making sure the taste remains clean.
These crisps remind me of new potatoes at the start of the season, dripping in butter and mint. They are fresh tasting natural crisps, in a fab new flavour. If you were let down by Seabrook’s buttery offering, I’d suggest hunting these down because I can assure you these won’t disappoint.
By Cinabar

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