24 May 2012

Giant Rainbow Pocky [by @NLi10]

A good while back my sister went to an Expo and brought me back one of the most amazing snacks I'd ever seen. I thought it was so special that I'd save it for a video review. It turns out that I'm not very good at getting around to video reviews so it's sat untouched for over 6 months! Giant Rainbow Pocky is an amazing sight. It dwarfs the normal Pocky boxes and even makes the desert ones look miniature.

One thing I didn't expect though was that you only get one of each flavour, and that they are individually wrapped. This means that I can happily take my time munching through the flavours and trying to guess what they are before Googling.

As you can see when opening these they are much thicker than the normal Pocky. The sticks themselves are really thick and while the coatings are not Dessert standard they are ample. The sticks snap really satisfyingly and are more like POCKY than Pocky (they are named after the sound that snapping one makes you see). They are really designed to be eaten one bite at a time as each single mouthful is like a whole regular Pocky.

Starting off with the 'original' Red flavoured one I was pleasantly surprised - it's the Pocky 'Mens' Dark chocolate and not the normal red box chocolate! They must have felt that this would be a better fit for the thicker bread-sticks and I agree. A lovely start to the proceedings and a shame to have to eat all in one sitting. Such is the hardships of a snack-food critic.

Next up we have the 'orange' flavour which is the main reason I got overexcited by the present. I've been after the Tangerine Pocky ever since I discovered that it existed, and as a limited edition I'd not seen it in stores over in the UK. On opening this I was pretty sure that it was what I'd hoped and the bite left me with an unmistakable tingle that could only be the smallest and sweetest of oranges! If this isn't the actual tangerine flavour then it's close enough for me. Pocky Nirvana!!

After having a couple of bites of both to get used to the wonderful flavours I decided to do the most English of things and try Giant Chocolate Orange Pocky by biting both at the same time. This kind of worked, but the sheer amount of bread stick kind of adsorbed the flavour. The darker choc also out-gunned the oranginess which was a shame. I finished them both off solo.

I think I'll save the other 5 for another day as surprisingly for single breadsticks they are quite filling!
By Nli10


Anonymous said...

The flavors are

Green tea (matcha)

According to the box.

NLi10 said...

Thank you!