4 May 2012

Primula – Burger Cheese [By @Cinabar]

I have good memories of having Primula cream cheese as a kid. My favourite was always the cheese and chive, and I used to claim the whole tube by squeezing the stuff straight into my mouth as a small child. Obviously this was frowned upon by my mum, but that never quite seemed to stop me!
So Primula is a brand that predominantly makes cream cheese in tubes. As far as ‘squeezy cheese’ goes in the UK, Primula cream cheese is probably about it, and it generally bares no correlation to what the Americans think of as squeezy cheese... that is until now. As a slight diversion from their usual cream cheeses they have launched a Limited Edition Burger Cheese, in a tube.
It may feel like a bit of strange concept for the British market, but it is only one step away from popping a slice of processed cheese on a burger in a bun, which is a more regular occurrence.
I opened up the cheese and was pleased to see that it still had its star shaped nozzle, which means that any cheese squeezed from the tube has pretty patterns along the edges. We were having burgers so I traced a circle of cheese on each one.

As the burger warmed it up, the cheese started to melt a little and turned it more into a splodge shape. This effect would be far more impressive if used on a barbecue, but as the weather doesn’t want to play ball ours were grilled, and I only added the cheese after they were cooked.
The flavour was lovely though. It had loads of rich cheddary tones, and a nice warmth from some chilli too. I’m not going to lie it did have that processed cheese flavour, but frankly I’d have been disappointed if it didn’t. After all that is what it was promising to do on the tube! I liked the novelty of squeezy burger cheese, but it was the playful spice that made this product for me. It gave the burgers a lovely edge, without being too hot. I felt it added a nice gourmet touch! ;-)
If the rain ever lets up, this will be a fab product to have during barbeque season, and I quite fancy trying it on hot dogs too! I have no idea why it has been so long since I last bought Primula cheese, and now have every intention of buying some more of the cream cheeses in tubes too. I suspect there have been some new additions to the range since I last bought any, so I'll report back if I find an interesting new flavours.
By Cinabar

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Melanie said...

Have you ever tried Kraft Cheese Zip from America? Does it take kind'a like that???

I love burger filled with cheese!