18 May 2012

Prestat – Diamond Jubilee Chocolate Bar (Selfridges) [By @Cinabar]

Prestat chocolates are one of the chocolatiers who are perfect to create a Jubilee bar. I suspect that many companies will give it a go, but Prestat actually hold a royal warrant, so already have regal connections.
Their Jubilee bar consists of milk chocolate mixed with roasted almonds and sea salt. I do like the combination of chocolate and nuts so was keen to give it a try. Inside the bar were six large pieces of chocolate, all smartly embossed with the brand name, a spiral design and a reminder that the company started way back in 1902!
The milk chocolate is silky smooth in texture and melted very easily on the tongue. It is a soft milk chocolate, and managed to combine a lovely creamy backdrop with a good strong cocoa taste. I loved the rich cocoa tones, the essence of the bar was quite a punchy cocoa, mellowed by plenty of dairy tones. The salt was also a neat addition to the chocolate. The strength of it varied with every bite, from a nice background hint to really quite strong. This made it a playful bar, and the dynamic taste made it really quite moreish. With the chocolate and the salt there was quite a bit going on with the flavour already. This sadly overpowered the almonds a little. Having said that their taste was still present, just very much in the sideline, but their texture did give the bar a satisfying crunch. This may not be the ideal bar for someone looking for a chocolate and nut fix, but what it does deliver is a really lively mix of salt and cocoa, and is one of the first salt and chocolate bars that I would actively seek out and buy again.
By Cinabar

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Anonymous said...

I saw this in the shops recently and I am always unsure with chocolate bars as they never match up to a good old box of chocolate! Might have to try this one tho...