1 May 2012

Walkers Baked Stars (Crisps): Mild Sweet Chilli (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

Healthy crisps seem to be popular at the minute, perhaps it’s the hope that summer will be with us shortly and just maybe that will mean the weather will be warm enough for skimpier clothes. This new range from Walkers looks like it is aimed at the younger market though, but still states that it is 70% less fat. Each crisp is a smart star shape, with a sprinkling of red seasoning and the packaging is rather child friendly, clearly not wanting to put off the younger audience by looking too healthy!
I was a little bit worried that the reference to the spice being mild in the description might have meant that it was going to be a bit of plain taste. Children’s products have a way of dumbing down flavours so as not to offend delicate taste buds. I was pleased to discover that the flavour was quite full on, even if the heat was lacking. There was a lovely sweet tomato taste, a nice hit of warm paprika and the mildest hint of chilli. The taste works very well, they are quite moreish, and the sweet flavour mixed with the gentle bit of heat just works perfectly. They almost have a hint of barbeque about them, they are just lacking a smoky edge.
The texture was impressive too. These are baked crisps, so as you can expect are a little dryer than regular crisps, but they aren’t too bad at all. They are good and crunchy, and felt quite satisfying to munch on. As healthy treats go, it has to be said these are very tasty and the bag filled me up nicely. It’s definitely a crisp I’ll be buying again as they make a good lower fat lunch time extra with a sandwich.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

What you forgot to mention is that that picture is the WHOLE packet...those bags are pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

Bag of air :(

Anonymous said...

"I think they are fantastic".
In year2000 I went from size 20 to size 10 and I want to keep a size 10. with the help of foods like star crisps I can have a packet of crisps without feeling too guilty.They have less fat and a small quantity enableing me to have the flavour I want and not miss out. OK they cost a bit more which is normal for any foods nowadays that are healthier we have to pay extra