5 May 2012

Starburst – Strawberry Flavour Milk [By SpectreUK]

This Starburst Strawberry Flavour Milk was manufactured by Mars, in Dublin. It marketed itself as “school friendly”, which meant it met government regulations for schools in England and Wales as it had at least 90% milk and no more than 5% added sugar. The suggested 200ml portion had 144 calories, with 21g of sugar, and 3.2g of fat. The only problem was that this Strawberry Milk was packaged in a 350ml bottle, which was one and three quarter portions! Besides, as a grown man (well sort of... more outwards than mentally) I figured a portion for me (and my big gut) would have been more like 500ml; fortunately I had two bottles in the fridge. Not bothering to measure out one (Spectre sized) portion I decided to greedily drink both bottles! The milk was mainly UHT, which was Ultra Heat Treated to kill germs for a longer life. The pinkish liquid was not thick or gloopy like some flavoured milks. It tasted just like a chilled strawberry ice cream, not too sweet or sickly, and very refreshing. My greedy tummy was very glad of the two bottles. I’d like to see larger bottles of this so I can really pig out... er... in a healthy way! The slogan on the bottle stated; “Chill well, shake well...” and I’d certainly like to add “drink well”. ;-)
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame they don't sell it over here, but perhaps that's a good thing. If it was sold over here, there would be a much higher ratio of sugar to milk and many other unhealthy ingredients.