11 May 2012

Ella’s Kitchen – The Red One (Selfridges) [By @Cinabar]

I have to say when Spectre bought this back from the shops for me to try my first thought was “isn’t it baby food”? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen bottles at least similar to this in the baby isle in the supermarket. Thankfully I had a read of the packet and it seems to be designed for lunch boxes, and therefore bigger kids. As a self confessed big kid, this drink suddenly seemed appropriate again.
I have to admit that I struggled to remove the lid (do you twist, push or pull), but maybe my hands were greasy or something. I had to ask an adult for help, well strictly speaking the only person nearby was Spectre, but he did manage to get it open! I then squeezed some of the smoothie into my mouth. It was quite a thick liquid, but the texture was pleasantly soft. You do have to slurp it rather than sip it, but I guess that adds to the fun factor for the younger audience. The flavour was nice and sweet, and was predominantly strawberry, the next major taste that shone through was banana. I quite like bananas, but I know there are a lot people who will be disappointed at such a strong banana flavour in a smoothie called ‘The Red One’. Bananas it seems really are the Marmite of the fruit world. According to the ingredients there was also apple and raspberries in the mix, but they were over shadowed by the other two stronger fruit flavours.
I enjoyed the drink, and felt that it would be a good addition to a lunch box. The packaging is bright and fun, the taste is sweet and fruity, and somewhere cleverly disguised in all of that is one of your five a day. So all in all a nice product, just be aware of the added banana if you aren’t a fan of the yellow fruit hidden in the red smoothies.
By Cinabar

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