10 May 2012

Fox's Jam & Cream - Orange Jam & Chocolate Biscuits [by @NLi10]

Way back in February I reviewed the Cherry & Chocolate version of these and this appears to be a new addition to the range.  I remarked at the time that this was rife for jam tweaks to widen the range and low and behold we have the more traditional orange and chocolate variety today.  I'm not sure why Terry decided to fuse oranges with chocolate but it does work and so seems more natural.

I didn't try many of these, but the flavours were nice but a little understated.  I think that while the cherry Jam overpowered the chocolate these were left lacking and suffered from a weaker strength jam (you can't win, can you Fox's)!  I wouldn't mind giving these another go, the downside of eating things at work is that you have to share them (especially when they are other people’s biscuits) and you can't give them the thorough tasting that they deserve.

I do think it's the choc biscuit that I don't quite get on with in these, being a fan of the vanilla versions I can't help but pine for them when tasting.  I'll have to grab a few different ones from the ranges together and do a few comparisons in the name of biscuity science.
By NLi10

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