17 May 2012

Weetabix Crispy Minis - Caramel & Nut [By @NLi10]

Previously on Foodstufffinds we looked at the Strawberry version of these and enjoyed them.

This morning I cracked open the dreaded caramel variety to see how they fared. Mornings are not something that I associate with caramel, yet I keep buying these sorts of things as they tend to be OK once you get used to the idea. Crunchy Nut cornflakes work, so I tend to hope they are closer to that than normal caramel.

Oddly the caramel flavour of these has a hint of strong honey to them, with a touch of burnt caramel overlaid. The nuttiness is pretty good, and like the original chocolate variety nails the texture problems that the Strawberry version has. I think having an outside crunch, a soft inside from the milk and then the small crunchy nuts is great. The flavour from finding the nuts is noticeable but not overpowering so for me it worked.

With these kind of things I tend to have my fill of the caramel by the end of the bowl but as the milk was adsorbed instead of contaminated by the cereal this didn't happen and a medium sized bowl was thoroughly enjoyed. I still get off-put by the strong flavours you get on caramel cereals when opening the sealed package, but overall this isn't a bad little proposition and one I'd probably keep for weekends.
By NLi10

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