2 May 2012

Golden Wonder HP Sauce Flavour Crisps (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I found these new HP Sauce Flavour crisps in the local supermarket. There must be a run on HP Sauce at the moment, as I recently reviewed Heinz HP Sauce flavour Big Soup. I decided to have these crisps with my Sunday lunchtime sandwich. The 25g bag had 130 calories in it, with 7.7g fat, and 1g sugar. The ingredients included; potatoes, sunflower oil, and HP Sauce seasoning, which was made from; barley malt vinegar, wheat flour, caramelised sugar, clove, ginger, white pepper, tomato, lemon and paprika, amongst other things. I noticed there were no molasses listed in the ingredients, which is a flavour that stands out in HP Sauce. On opening the bag the crisps had a good HP Sauce aroma. Flavours that stood out on tasting were the barley malt vinegar and tomato, with a mild hit of paprika mixed with ginger and garlic. I must admit I did miss the molasses from the overall flavour of these crisps, but having said that, they tasted great and left a pleasant mild HP Sauce aftertaste in my mouth. I would definitely have these again, and would like to see big sharing bags of these crisps, so I can fill a big bowl and munch them through a good long movie.
By Spectre


bob said...

Can't believe it's taken them so long to come up with these!
My vote would be Branston flavour next.

Anonymous said...

I help in the production of these crisps - they are great aint they!!