15 May 2012

Thornton’s Banana And Custard Bar (@ThorntonsChocs) [By @Cinabar]

What better dessert is there than the simple but tasty combination of banana and custard. It is a childhood favourite of mine, and is such a comforting treat. As part of Thornton’s new Best Of British range they have recreated this traditional dessert in bar form. It has a white chocolate base, plenty of vanilla and dried banana pieces too.
The white chocolate is pleasantly speckled with black vanilla seed, which looks appetising, but is also a good reminder that Thornton’s use natural vanilla in its bars. I broke a piece of the chocolate off and it came away quite easily. It is a soft bar, but still remains fairly firm for a white chocolate.
There is loads of vanilla in the taste, and it is really pleasantly creamy too. This goes a long way to help recreate the soothing taste of thick custard, and the melt of the chocolate coats the tongue rather pleasingly. The banana is a little mild for my tastes, but this is because the bar uses dried banana and not some artificial milkshake flavouring. It’s more subtle, but still present and sweet and does give a nice fruity hint. The dried banana within the chocolate is actually quite crunchy too, and there seems to be a fair amount distributed within the bar.
Amazingly I found the bar wasn’t sickly at all even after I ate half a bar in one sitting! I only stopped as this was enough to get past my sugar craving, and seemed the perfect portion.
It’s a very indulgent creamy chocolate though, and its one you have to be in the mood for. I love the idea behind the flavour, and the natural ingredients help balance the taste and keep the taste at the right level.
It’s a bar I will certainly buy again, perfect for when I am in the mood for a bar of white chocolate and a sweet treat. As Spectre isn’t a fan of bananas it also has the bonus that there is less to share out! ;-)
By Cinabar

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