23 May 2012

Grass Jelly Drink – (Day in Supermarket, Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

This lychee flavoured Grass Jelly Drink was manufactured by Famous House, in Taiwan. Apparently the manufactures wait for the grass to become aged and slightly oxidised (off grass... Eeeew!). They then boil the (off) grass and make it into a jelly, before heating it to make a dessert beverage. The can weighed in at 320g and was full of small cubes of greenish grass jelly and brownish liquid, which was the same colour as Coco Cola. Ingredients included; herb jelly (Mesona Procumbent Hemsl) 20%, Cane sugar, water and natural flavouring. There were 136 calories, with 31g of sugar, and 0g of fat in the drink. On opening the can there was a strong smell of lychee, but the brownish liquid tasted a bit like cough syrup and so did the small cubes of jelly. Grass Jelly is supposed to be refreshing, but it wasn’t to my taste at all and didn’t leave me feeling refreshed, rather feeling desperate to get rid of the taste out of my mouth. I wouldn’t buy this again, as it tasted to me like cough medicine and didn’t seem to have any nutritional value!
By Spectre


Anonymous said...

I love grass jelly! I think it's a bit of an acquired taste though, I was brought up with it in the house. It's meant to be cooling - you have it when you've eaten spicy food or it's hot outside. I prefer the jelly by itself, not cut up and put into a drink (although I can go for Wong Lo Kat).

Diets and Calories said...

Oh dear, this sounds truly horrendous.It was brave of you to try it out!