27 May 2012

Neuro Sun & Lucozade Revive Orange (Spar) [By @NLi10]

Today I thought I'd just briefly round up some extra flavours of previous review drinks. A few summery versions are hitting the shelves and as it's good to stay hydrated in this unusually hot May weather I've been buying more than usual.

This first bottle is practically packed with sunshine. It is full of Vitamin D and hydrates you if you stay out in the sun. In reality it's a slightly more expensive than normal fruit juice drink. It does have that hint of vitamin flavour that the other neuro drinks had, and they are nice enough that I've plodded through all the significant flavours of the range (not sure I reviewed all of them in the end). This is incredibly refreshing and with the fun bottle would be great to be seen drinking on the beach.

I tried and liked the other revive (lemongrass) a month or so ago, and while out in town picked one of these up for the following day of the hot weekend. I'd originally not realised there were multiple flavours (similar packaging fail) but never one to pass up a special offer I figured that it was worth a look and it's certainly interesting. Its less sweet than expected and has a similar effervescence to the fizzy table (carbonated) water that my mom likes. The orange flavour is nice, and certainly lingers, but isn't anywhere near as fruity as the first drink. Again I think that this is a kind of water + style of drink that is aimed to refresh without being boring.

Given the choice of two Revive or one Neuro (both being on special offer at those prices too) it'd all depend on the thirst factor. Drinking two Lucozade would certainly rehydrate you and set you up for a day of active play, but if I was sitting still all day in the shade the fruity cocktail of the neuro would be perfect.
By NLi10

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Jules said...

i think the neuro is actually supposed to give you extra vitamin D when you *can't* be out in the sun