28 May 2012

Willies Cacao: El Blanco [White Chocolate] [By @Cinabar]

I have a sweet tooth, but you could probably guess that from this blog. When I heard that Willies Cacao were releasing a white chocolate I was more than a bit excited to give it a try. Willies are purveyors of seriously fine chocolates, so my expectations were high. I opened up the box, and unwrapped the silver sealed bar. As the name suggests it’s quite a pale white chocolate, and is embossed with the Willies logo.
I broke a corner of the chocolate off and it gave way easily, but was clearly firmer than most white chocolates. I popped a corner in my mouth, and couldn’t quite decipher what my taste buds were telling me. I was expecting the usual sickly sweet creamy rush, but it didn’t come and my first thoughts towards the chocolate were a bit negative. I was starting to think I that I wasn’t keen on the chocolate, when my taste buds finally adjusted to the taste and I realised how cleverly the delicate flavours were working.
First thing to note is that this bar isn’t made with cream, and it is certainly more milky than anything else. This is why the bar doesn’t deliver a creamy hit, but the wholesome milk flavour is genius if you give it time to develop. The chocolate taste isn’t overly sweet, so there is no huge sugar rush either, but the white chocolate does give the bar a gentle caramel tone and it really shows off the cocoa butter like no other bar. It’s subtle, but distinct and so very good. I went on a full journey with this bar from being unsure on the first bite to being totally in love with the stuff on the last chunk.
It’s a very different white chocolate to any I’ve tried before, the taste is distinctively grown up and well put together. It doesn’t have the sugary sweet creamy hit of other white chocolates, but it does actually taste properly of cocoa butter and it tastes like nothing I’ve tried before. It’s definitely aimed at grown-ups, and I can’t recommend it enough. Just take a bite, forget any preconceptions about white chocolate and just give the flavours a chance to build up and do there thing. White chocolate heaven.
By Cinabar

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