8 May 2012

Burts Pesto Potato Chips [Crisps] (@BurtsChips @Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I first heard about these crisps at the end of last year. I know they were labelled as a seasonal edition back then, and I couldn’t help thinking as a flavour pesto sounded more like a summer variety than a winter one. Having said I have kept an eye out for these crisps since then, and this is the first time I’ve actually seen them. The sell by on the bag is dated August 2012, so they have clearly been freshly made and aren’t old stock. Perhaps the news story about them coming out was just very early? Anyway the bright green bag stood out nicely on the shelf in Waitrose and I dutifully popped some in my trolley.
Once home I opened up the bag, and it released a wonderful Italian herb smell. The aroma was very appealing, and the crisps were speckled with green herbs so looked very appetising too.
As with all Burts Chips, the crisps are fairly thickly cut, and each of a decent size. The crunch was good and strong, but not too sharp and snappy. The flavour was something quite special. The combination of tastes of garlic, cheese and basil just worked wonderfully as a crisp flavour. Seriously why haven’t these been done before? The fresh herby taste of basil practically makes these taste like summer in a bag. It recreated pesto perfectly, and managed to cover all the depths of the flavour. They had such wonderful Italian tastes, I was actually surprised to find these had been fried in sunflower oil, because I was sure there was some olive oil in there somewhere too.
It’s such a refreshing taste, that just works really well as a crisp flavour. If you see these I totally recommend picking up a bag and giving them a go, as they really can challenge the likes of cheese and onion. Moreish, summery and heaven.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Waitrose did their own delicious pesto & Parmesan crisps a few years ago but sadly discontinued them so I shall definitely be looking out for these!

bob said...

I feel so deprived (or is that depraved?) living across the Atlantic.
Ketchup flavour seems to be the most adventurous one seen in the local supermarkets here of late.

Jeremai Smith said...

I had a packet of these on a picnic when we had the nice weather back in March... very summery indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, these sound wonderful!