25 May 2012

M&S Coronation Chicken Crisps (@MarksandSpencer) [By @Cinabar]

If you are brand trying to design a crisp flavour for the Royal Jubilee, you can’t get anything more perfect than Coronation Chicken. Firstly it has a royal history and name, as it was one of the dishes served in 1953 at the actual coronation. Fascinating fact; Elizabeth actually became queen in 1952, but she followed the tradition of allowing at least one year’s mourning before having the celebration of a coronation, so it took place the following year. Anyway, mild curry is also one of the favourite flavours of the British public, so this variety really is win win.
This is a big bag of crisps, and would certainly be perfect for sharing in a bowl for a Royal Jubilee gathering. The crisps are surprisingly crunchy and quite thickly cut. I liked the texture, even though some were a bit sharp, the crunch was quite satisfying and made them feel like quality crisps.
The flavour was nicely balanced too. It recreated both the creamy taste and mild curry flavour of Coronation Chicken perfectly. There was a nice hit of curry powder, without much heat. Cumin seemed to be the dominant taste, giving a full bodied flavour, without being overpowering. The flavour then mellowed and had an almost mayonnaise like creamy finish. The lack of chilli spice means that these are a good crisp for sharing, as they aren’t too strong to put anyone off.
We thoroughly enjoyed the bag, and it would be perfect at a Jubilee street party or indeed just munching in a bowl with friends and watching the celebrations on the TV.
By Cinabar

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bob said...

Did M&S put a bit of Apricot flavour in it?
The hidden ingredient that makes Corrie Chicken fantastic if it's there, but terrible if it isn't.