9 May 2012

Canadian Ham flavoured Seabrook crisps (Sainsbury’s) [By @SpectreUK]

Seabrook Crisps are produced in Yorkshire, and the company was established in 1945. Seabrook Crisps produces flavours such as Beefy, Pickled Onion, Worcester Sauce, Smokey Bacon, Cheese and Onion, Wasabi and Mustard. These Canadian Ham flavoured crisps were packaged in a 30g bag of crisps, which equates to 159 calories. The crinkle cut crisps were cooked in sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is high in vitamin E and low in saturated fat, which produces less body fat and is generally better for you. The back of the crisps packet stated that these crisps were made with 90% less salt, and with just a smattering of sea salt. Other ingredients included “smoke flavourings”, so I was interested to discover how this Canadian Ham flavour would differ from regular Smokey Bacon flavour.
Another question was also bugging me; why Canadian Ham? Why is their ham different to any other country’s ham? I ate some Canadian salmon on Boxing Day that my parents had received from some friends in Canada. It came in a smart wooden box with a colourful fish design on the top. I thought the Salmon tasted quite dry, but I kept the box to put my bits and bobs in it. Not that this has anything to do with Canadian Ham or any other food from Canada, but I’m not sure I would recommend Seabrook producing Moose flavoured crisps either.
On opening the crisp bag there was a mild smoked ham smell. There was an initial, but not overpowering smokiness to the crisps followed by a mild salted ham taste, and an oily sweetness in the aftertaste. The mildness of these crisps sparred with my ham and mustard sandwiches and the tomato I had cut up in my pack lunch. I have to say I enjoyed these crisps, but their mild flavour lost the taste battle against the sandwiches. Maybe Ham and Pickle flavour or Ham and Mustard flavour could have been more preferable? I reckon Gammon and Pineapple crisp flavour could literally blow my mind! I do like my crisps with a bit of umph, especially at lunch time at work in an attempt to keep me awake for the afternoon. I’d enjoy these crisps again, but if pushed would go for Smokey Bacon flavour every time.
By Spectre

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bob said...

Perhaps, Danish ham had already been done?