6 May 2012

Victory Tea (@VictoryTea) [By @Cinabar]

As I have probably mentioned a few times here at Foodstuff Finds, I’ve developed into a bit of a tea drinker. I still love my coffee, but can now alternate between the two quite easily, although I drink predominantly coffee at work and tea at home.
Victory Tea got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to try their new tea, I couldn’t resist saying yes and they kindly sent me this sample. I’m not sure what the packaging looks like on their regular product but the box they sent me looked very smart when it arrived. Both the inside and out were ornately decorate and printed with some background to the tea. I have to say the box was very trendy.
The tea bags were foil wrapped to stay fresh, and inside that looked quite ordinary. I popped a tea bag in my super big Disney mug and brewed the tea. I was impressed to find that the colour was a good strong deep red, and that it was the right size for my mug, which had full strength tea once brewed. My huge mug is actually the equivalent to two and half of the other mugs in our cupboard... did I mention I like my tea?
The flavour had a good traditional taste, and a lovely fresh finish. It has the flavour of a strong English Breakfast, with a bit of an edge. I’m not sure on the exact blend but thought I could pick up on some Assam leaves in the mix. It made a lovely cup of tea, and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it. It is a very English flavour, but then it is from a very English brand. This tea is only available directly from the supply at the minute, via their online website. This does mean that the tea bags are remarkably good value for money, and with their very British design would be another perfect product to serve up during the Jubilee.
By Cinabar

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