29 May 2012

Pom-Bear: Prawn Cocktail (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I am still quite new to Pom-Bear crisps. I know they are aimed at a younger audience, but I only really first tried them as an adult. They have even only appeared once before on the blog, as I haven’t really been aware of any new flavours from them before. Early this year we had Pizza, and now we have Prawn Cocktail, so I think they are having a bit of a push (or I have been out of the loop).
Prawn Cocktail isn’t that wild in terms of new flavours, with quite a few brands already doing some fab crisps with it, but this is a first for Pom-Bear. As usual the crisps are incredibly cute looking, each one taking the appearance of a bear, with smiley face and even a belly button. The texture of these crisps is really crisp but light and fluffy. In fact the texture isn’t that different from Prawn cocktail skips, but the flavour is very different. The seasoning on these Pom-Bear ones is rather mild, and lacks the expected zing. Most prawn cocktails have the flavour of seafood sauce, with a sharp then sweet taste, but these only very slightly do that. They are unmistakably prawn cocktail, but I would have preferred a stronger hit of the flavour. The seasoning seems to be a bit hit and miss on its distribution, with some of the bears looking a lot more speckled pink that others. The ones that appeared caped in spices were, as you would expect, a lot stronger in taste, but sadly these crisps were few and far between.
All in all these are a nice variety from Pom-Bear, and they tasted quite pleasant. I think the lack of kick to the flavour is due to two reasons. Firstly they are aimed at children, the group of customers who invariably dislikes stronger tastes, and as such mild is probably the safest route. Secondly the flavour distribution seems rather uneven, and this emphasises just how mild some of the crisps are.
I will try a second bag, and update if it is any stronger. I did pick up a multipack, so I have plenty to tuck in to.
By Cinabar

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