14 May 2012

Ever So Posh Parmesan, Asparagus and Truffle Hand Cooked Crisps (@MarksAndSpencer) [By @Cinabar]

I have tried a lot of different flavours of crisps, and I mean a lot. Writing this blog for the last few years has meant that I actively seek out anything different or new, and thought I had tried most things. It was such a nice surprise then to find a flavour so different and interesting in M&S that I’ve never seen before.
The packaging quite happily admits to these being a bit ‘posh’ and to be honest it is just about the grandest flavour of crisps I have ever heard of. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you Marks & Spencer’s Parmesan, Asparagus and Truffle Crisps. Wow.
I am loving the creativity from Marks and Spencer, and couldn’t wait to see if they tasted as good as they looked. I opened up the packet and the crisps looked like a regular cut, i.e. they weren’t too thin or thick. The crisps were very crunchy though so I suspect had been cooked a little bit longer than some other makes. The flavour was outstanding. It is a complex taste, and each crisp varied in the strength of the ingredients, but all tasted fantastic. The asparagus had a distinct flavour, and the slightly bitter vegetable taste shone through, and was complemented perfectly by the strong tones of parmesan. The cheese had a good mature woody taste, and was a lot more distinct than the usual cheese seasoning on crisps. It had strength with a nice hint of creaminess to finish. The truffle oil added a magical hint of mushroom to the flavour that gave it depth and added to the rich vegetable tastes. There was a smidgen of garlic too that just set all the flavours off. I loved these crisp.
They are clever, posh and beautifully executed. I have never tasted anything like them before and can’t praise them enough. They may not be for every day munching at lunch time, but if you have a need for some crisps that are more than a bit special, you need to pick these up. The flavour is just in a different league!
By Cinabar

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