20 May 2012

Purina One - Three Week 'Challenge' - Part 2!

Ok - just a short note and some pics this week. Essentially I started them all on the new food and recorded their weights.

Presuming that Mabel was heaviest we tried her out first and she came in at 11lb. I have no idea if this is heavy for a cat, but as it was in the middle feeding category I'm thinking it's not too bad. Duchess was 7lb which seems a lot considering they are similar in size of frame. Ollie was 10lb and is a bigger more athletic cat so about right.

They all seem disappointed at feeding time that they are no longer getting Felix pouches and mount a mini protest for a few minutes just to check that they aren't getting pouches too. They know where the pouches are kept and will often wander there after being fed to point out that we have them in stock and that I should probably pull my finger out and serve them.

As Duchess's biscuits didn't seem to be going down I did let her have one pouch midweek, but I think this may have been finished off by another of the cats rather stealthily after she had the first half.

As Cinabar liked the cat pictures from last week I shall finish with a few of those, as behaviour and 'leavings' are similar to normal feeding at the moment. Must do their online survey today too!
Ollie drinks out of the tap

The cats only tolerate each other when there are sunbeams involved.

Or a cosy bed...

By NLi10

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