30 April 2012

Galaxy Flutes (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

My local branch of Boots seems to always be surprisingly well stocked when it comes to new products. It may seem strange for a shop that it ultimately a pharmacy, but it just goes to show that a dose of chocolate is best medicine! ;-)
This new bar from Galaxy seems to be aiming itself at the lower calorie end of the treat market. It states on the packet quite prominently that it contains just 56 calories, but this is per stick and there are two in the pack. Although 112 calories is still impressively low, I would like to add that the bar itself is very light and looks quite small compared to the other bars that were next to it.
Inside the pack were two smallish sticks of chocolate. Each one consists of a wafer tube dipped in Galaxy milk chocolate, and filled with Galaxy crème. I can honestly say they tasted divine. I love the luxury taste of Galaxy, its rich full on creamy taste. The crème inside the tubes tastes fantastically lush, and the silky texture is a lovely contrast to the crisp wafer. They are a pleasure to munch on, as the wafer breaks away revealing the soft centre. These were full of smooth chocolate and were an absolute treat. The Galaxy coating added to the whole and made them feel a little more solid, but they were still gone rather too quickly. That is the problem, they just don’t feel at all substantial. They weren’t filling, they were more of a quick chocolate taster, albeit a lovely one. Don’t get me wrong if you are calorie counting this makes an excellent guilt free treat, and would get rid of a chocolate craving. However if you aren’t and you want a more filling snack, I can’t help thinking you’d be better off using them to decorate a bowl of ice cream! :-D
Nice, in fact they are a really nice chocolate treat, just a little small for my tastes.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

These look a lot like the milkyway crispy rolls I used to eat as a child.

Anonymous said...

You can still buy them too in the 99p stores :D

cinabar said...

They are a very similar concept!!